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Social media content increases online presence to powerfully drive your business growth

Boost your brand awareness with unique, engaging content.
Social media is the most powerful marketing tool there is

Engage your audience

We craft captivating visuals to communicate a powerful message and maximize engagement online

Generate brand awareness

Digital Content is the most effective way to improve brand awareness and capture the attention of your target audience

Growth and reach

We craft stories to promote your products, services, and share about your business, implementing the ideal call-to-action.

Customized Social Media Strategy

We design social media campaigns tailored to your brand’s voice across multiple platforms, ensuring consistent communication and maximized engagement for your target audience.

High quality content creation

Our work matches yours seamlessly by leveraging your brand’s identity. We can animate your static images, create powerful short-clips out of lengthy videos, and even create visual content specifically designed for your brand!

How Musko works

We understand your business, and we promote it for you

We help you figure out what you need

You have the option to fill out a quick survey to pinpoint the perfect plan for your business.

We study your brand

Simply share with us the name of your social media accounts, your website, or any content you may already have, so we can work on customizing the plan you picked.
No content to share? Not a problem. We generate unique content based on your brand’s voice for you.

Craft your schedule

We can post it for you on dates set by our team of experts, but you can also change the post date for each post via the dashboard, and what you decide goes!

You give us the Green light

Within 7 working days from your order, you can review and approve the content we have created for you through your dashboard. Not Satisfied? No worries! You can let us know what you don’t like, and our team will remake it for you within 5 working days!

Our Subscription Plans

Worry no more about keeping up with your Social Media Platforms. We got you covered

Our team of experts creates digital content tailored to your business for you, so you can focus on the rest”

Expert Plan

“Want to take it even further? This plan does just that. The expert plan gives you a real edge when it comes to social media presence. Now, your competitors can only see your back!
$ 1229
  • 30 Customized posts
  • Optimized captions
  • 9 short format videos
  • 30 customized stories
    (20 static - 10 dynamic)
  • Scheduled posting
  • 5 platforms
  • Cancel anytime
Best Value

Storyteller Plan

Now we’re talking. The StoryTeller plan puts your brand in the front of the digital stage and your experience is enhanced on every level to propel your business to the top!
$ 799
  • 20 customized posts
  • Optimized captions
  • 5 short format videos
  • 15 customized stories
    (10 static - 5 dynamic)
  • Scheduled posting
  • 3 platforms
  • Cancel anytime

Pioneer Plan

A great place to start your digital journey. Your brand is introduced to all of our offerings and your business benefits from an enhanced digital presence
$ 559
  • 12 customized posts
  • Optimized captions
  • 3 short format videos
  • 12 customized stories
    (9 static - 3 dynamic)
  • Scheduled posting
  • 2 platforms
  • Cancel anytime

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A word from clients

“Musko simply made our socials more consistent. Now, our platforms reflect our brand, and that is the kind of social media presence we needed"
“As events organizer, we know each party can be its own brand. We needed Musko to embrace that and promote each night without losing our brand identity. They did just that.”
“We wanted to reflect our brand accurately on social media, a clean look. Mukso adapted beautifully to make sure our message is consistent and accurate from one post to the other.”

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