Digital Marketing Strategy

Musko supports the entire implementation of your digital strategy. We focus on Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue.

Activity Analysis

Growth hackers at heart, we analyse your company and the market to define and adopt the best strategies. We work on: 

  • Acquisition – attract new leads.
  • Activation – persuade leads to take action.
  • Retention – convert leads into repeat users and retain them.
  • Referral – turn your users into ambassadors.
  • Revenue – generate and increase your income.

Implementation of Tools and Strategies

We help you choose and implement optimised tools and strategies to maximise your ROI:

  • Tracking and reporting solutions: Analytics, Pixels, AB testing, KPI’s
  • Acquisition solutions: Inbound or Outbound Marketing, Paid Search, Social Networks, SEO etc …
  • Referral solutions: Affiliate Program, Sponsorship, Social Sharing, Growth Hacking
  • Retention and Revenue solutions: Marketing Automation, Email Strategy.

Digital Strategy Management and Monitoring

We offer different solutions, depending on your needs; the full offer or the follow up offer.

The full offer includes the implementation, monitoring and optimisation of your entire digital strategy. Our teams will build and maintain your websites, marketing tools and marketing campaigns on a monthly basis. No more need for a digital team, you can delegate all of these tasks to us. 

We can also work with your teams via the follow-up offer. We can analyse your monthly campaigns and KPIs and guide you on optimisations.

Finally we also offer training on SEO, online marketing, agile methods, acquisition and optimisation methods. 


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Many companies launch a website, web or mobile application but few have a real digital strategy. Many people mistakenly think that creating an online site can be done without any real investment. In some rare cases this is true, although around 95% of development cases on the internet are expensive and the price increases each year.

Development, maintenance and marketing costs impact your margin and that is why it is important to have absolute clarity about the right strategy to adopt.

Musko supports you entirely in the implementation of your digital strategy. We work with you on Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue.


Illustration : Marly Gallardo