Tunnello is a VPN virtual private network company based in France. Part of La French Tech. With 1.2 million users worldwide Tunnello became a famous VPN for its Chrome extension that’s capable of bypassing any restriction such as the Great Firewall in China.

Update: Tunnello was Sold in 2021.

Tunnello came to us at the beginning of their journey to help create a brand and marketing plan as part of our digital Marketing offer. After a market analysis, we found out that there were two types of actors on the market. Big companies that were trying to build some trust with very corporate messages and smaller companies that were trying to acquire clients at any cost. We decided to go with a cool IT Startup look and feel. We wanted to make Tunnello as simple as possible so even a grandmother could use it.

Services Requested:
Website Development, Product Experience & Digital Marketing

Musko helped us grow quickly, we are very impressed by their work and have 100% trust in what they do. We can focus on our product and then help us make it awesome

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Product Experience

Starting with the logo, we decided to use a handwritten logo instead of the normal sans Serif font. The goal was to make it cool and fresh.

We used a degraded colour scheme with blue and purple to match the startup it codes.
For the User Experience, we wanted to limit the number of clicks between landing on the website and using the product.

What we did:


Tunnello's Android App Workflow

A short example of the UX/UI process when it comes to design an Mobile App.

Digital Marketing

In any startup, money is always a tricky situation. Tunnello didn’t have a lot of money to compete with their competitors. We decided to go for a growth hacking strategy.

Instead of spending a lot of money to convince the users via Facebook ads, Google Ads and more, we went simple. We started to build a little community of users to test the solution and make it more optimized. Then we decided that the best way to attract customers was by making a big part of the product free.

Digital Marketing

Next step was acquisition. Through the word of mouth network we used a growth hacking strategy to build the community.

We used our very own marketing automation system to lower the costs. We used the natural power of the online tech platform to make it spread across the world.

At one point they had more than 5000 new customers per day. We then had to move these free users to paid users. For that we simply lowered the free features and started with a very low offer to help them convert into paid users. The rest is history 🙂

Tunnello in video

To support an amazing word of mouth trend and as soon as we had more budget, we began creating some video advertising: