Olaclick is a SaaS business that allows restaurant to take orders via a QR Code. they also have a POS solutions for the merchants.

Olaclick approached us initially to resolve a Google Analytics tracking issue on their landing page. After successfully resolving the issue, they requested our help in redesigning their website, which was difficult to modify on Wix and plagued by bugs. We quickly rebuilt their website on WordPress and proposed a new, optimized landing page.

After conducting A/B testing, they approved the landing page, and we are now working together on a larger website to help them continue to grow their business.

Services Requested:
Website Development, Product Experience & Digital Marketing

Musko did an amazing job to refresh our brand and optimize the user workflow across the website. This has lead to more activation and a 45% increase in revenue. I strongly recommend Musko and their team.

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Web Development

We pride ourselves on creating super optimized websites for our clients, and our work with Saas conversion is no exception. We utilized the AARRR methodology to ensure that every aspect of the website was geared towards driving conversions, and we also optimized the site for SEO to improve its visibility in search engine rankings. Additionally, we worked hard to ensure that the site was lightning-fast, minimizing load times and creating a seamless user experience that further encourages engagement and conversions.