Already Ordered

Already Ordered, an app-less self order and pay solution for restaurants, is a Norwegian food tech company having raised NOK 4,000,000 through both VC funding from Norway’s largest VC and an innovation grant. It allows restaurant owners to create a digital menu and let customers pay online.


Already Ordered needed help launching their product and expanding their business across Europe.

They came to us at the beginning of their journey seeking help to increase their conversions.

Already Ordered
Services Requested:
Website Development, Product Experience & Digital Marketing

Musko and Already Ordered worked hand to hand to develop the product experience and ultimately increase revenue. We decided to rework the product experience step-by-step, bringing more design into the website and the app.

We stuck to the AARRR framework in Agile methodology to AB test different ways to increase acquisition and activation. We then worked on the User Experience to bring more conversions and increase sales. We are assisting in launching their company across Europe, starting in the UK and Portugal.

We initially started working with Musko to rebuild our website and create an animated video explainer. We’ve come a long, long way since then and they’ve played a central role in our expansion.

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Product Experience

To reassure potential leads we decided to rework the messaging and the User Interface.

For the Web App we worked in phases to first introduce a friendly and seamless User Interface. Our team worked on a complete redesign of the UX from the client and user perspective.


Web Development

We built a SaaS website with an online e-commerce system. Our goal was to automate everything online with as little friction as possible behind the support.

We also implemented more tracking such as Analytics, Optimize, Hotjar, Facebook Pixel in order to understand the customer journey and increase conversion rates by analyzing visitor behaviour.

Digital Marketing

We had several goals for Already Ordered. The first was to bring Acquisition and Activation.
We decided to A/B Test the market and the best way to get interesting leads:

Designed by stories / Freepik

Video Marketing

Video is an integral part of SaaS distribution. We produced several video animations and productions. Thanks to our team of animators and videographers we’re able to do everything in-house and locally.

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