VPNVision is a French VPN specialized in providing access to French Television for French people abroad.

VPNvision needed to refresh its brand identity with a new logo and a new website.

The content was already optimized in terms of SEO and was already CTA oriented, with no need to touch the content which was perfect. We only worked on a new user flow and user interface to maximise the user experience across the website. We had technical limitations but we were able to bypass them.

Services Requested:
Website Development, Product Experience & Digital Marketing

Musko did an amazing job to refresh our brand and optimize the user workflow across the website. This has lead to more activation and a 45% increase in revenue. I strongly recommend Musko and their team.

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Product Experience

The user interface needed to be modern to differentiate from the competition but not too modern so the users who are usually older needed to understand it.

We designed the website to be more graphical than before and bring some human look and feel.

Simple icons, colourful backgrounds and illustrations.

Web Development

We developed the website on a new CMS in order to have a proper installation and clear of any bugs related to the old version. From here we worked on a new integration with their payment system and made sure to minimize the page interactions for a customer to subscribe to the service.

We defined a few entry and exit points that needed to be optimized. From here, we reworked the User Interface.

Digital Marketing

We worked hand to hand with VPNVision team to create a new product experience that will lead to more acquisition, activation, retention, referral and revenue.

We introduced few landing pages to redirect the acquisition that we created from Facebook & Google Ads.
We implemented and set up a Marketing Automation system with a referral system to increase the activation, retention and revenue.

VPNVision in images

VPNVision BeforeVPNVision After