Quinta das Netas

Quinta das Netas is a boutique olive oil brand produced in Northern Portugal. With some trees over 100 years old and completely untreated, totally organic and natural, they produce only small quantities to deli’s and customers.

Quinta das Netas is a wine-producing farm, but in 2019 they decided to produce their own Olive Oil from the many trees located on their property. After receiving an incredibly high rating from experts, it was time to go public. They needed end-to-end help, from branding and video production to an e-commerce store.

Quinta das Netas
Services Requested:
Web development, eCommerce, Video Production,

Mukso is a one-stop shop who manages everything for us. We were able to hand over the entire project to them.

We first had to work on branding and create a look and feel that resonates with the Douro region of Portugal where the Olive Oil is produced. Using an olive tree branch as the base logo design, we created a gold, black and white colour scheme with a hint of red. Then came label design and fonts for the bottle, which set the stage for the website design. But we also had to capture the emotion and drama of the Douro, so we sent our production team to film.

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Product Experience

Being a luxury consumer product, we had to tell a story through sleek and subtle design, avoiding bold and brash blocks. The colours allow the UX to flow elegantly and the gold takes the edge off.

Web Development

We settled for a wordpress CMS and integrated WOO Commerce for the web shop. The main reason in this case was price. With the right hosting package this website is incredibly cheap to run.

Video Marketing

The Douro is an incredibly dramatic landscape and the best way to capture its power is by drone. We needed two 20 second videos for the website and the rest of the footage we can use at a later date for social ads.