Opumo is the department store of the future.

Even though we are based in Portugal and Opumo in London, we are always able to come up with an answer that meant we didn’t have to film anything ourselves. We created a mood board to really capture their brand and planned to use an old school car as the basis of the videos. 

Although content creators themselves, they came to us for video content at an affordable price. They wanted a vintage style video video series to use in social media stories on drip-release. Opumo also markets and sells other brands, so they requested some short stories videos of products.

Services Requested:
Video Marketing

Given the very short time frame and tight deadlines, Musko was able to deliver professional videos at a very affordable price. This is the joy using an experienced agency who can be nimble and flexible and come up with quick and effective solutions.

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Video Marketing

Using stock footage we were able to put together a vintage looking video of a Porsche driving through some mountains, with a crackly screen to replicate an old TV. 

Using still product images we were able to create realistic animations of partner products for their social stories. 

We also created an animated logo to top and tail their social videos. Sticking with the vintage theme we used the multi coloured bars from old TV sets.

Opumo Videos