Maison Delia

Maison Delia is a gourmet Food Store. They made a selection of small passionate producers who produce the very best products in Europe. All products are organic or natural.

When Maison Delia approached us, the project was at its initial stage, and they required a complete package of services ranging from logo design, website development to marketing assistance.

We initiated the project by focusing on their brand identity to create a holistic branding strategy that aligned with their values and target audience. Following this, we developed a fully optimized website that catered to all the essential elements such as SEO, speed, UX, and UI. Additionally, we collaborated with their team to provide marketing solutions that helped in elevating their brand presence and achieve their business goals.

Maison Delia
Services Requested:
Branding, Website Development, Product Experience & Digital Marketing

I had the pleasure of working with Musko agency on a branding, digital marketing, and website building project for my business, and I must say that they were simply amazing! They were professional, attentive to my needs, and delivered exceptional results beyond my expectations. The team's expertise and dedication helped me to create a strong brand identity and website that truly represents my business and attracts more customers. I highly recommend this agency for anyone looking for top-notch branding, SEO, and website building services. Thank you, team!

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To create Maison Delia’s logo, we aimed to match the market and the client’s vision. We decided to use a handwritten font to represent the Michelin Chef’s signature, which suited the gourmet food store’s brand identity.

To further enhance the brand’s luxury aspect, we used a second font with serifs and dark blue color, which exuded a premium feel. The final result was a logo that effectively represented the client’s values and resonated with their target audience.

Web Development

As part of our branding package, we built a fully optimized website that not only looked great but also performed excellently. Our team provided technical expertise to ensure the website was built with SEO best practices, making it easy for customers to find. We also advised the client on content creation, ensuring the website’s information was valuable, informative, and engaging to their target audience.

Additionally, as the client’s photos were of low quality, we built a photo studio within our space and took all the necessary photographs to ensure the website’s visual appeal was on par with the client’s brand standards.