Ensico is a Computational Thinking curriculum in Portugal that delivers classes to the entire country, from 6 to 18 years old, to promote digital literacy and ethics Computer Science.

Ensico originally contacted us to make videos and discovered we have previously built some Learning Management Systems, and our web design and development isn’t too shabby! So they asked us to do both videos and web design.

Services Requested:
Website Development

“Musko is a really talented team. They have a huge variety of skills under one roof. We had a vision of what we wanted and after a few iterations, they got it spot on. What they have built is only what we were dreaming of, and they got it spot on”

They came to us with only a one-page website, so we had the responsibility of building Ensico into an online learning platform with a multipage website, to support their current onsite teaching model in schools. We decided to use WordPress since the customisable features and Learning Management System options are endless.

Ensico had already designed their brand guide, colour scheme and fonts. So we had a solid base to work from. We started by designing a structured Learning Management System

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Product Experience

We already have experience of computer programming platforms, since a member of our team launched the UK business of Le Wagon Coding Bootcamp. But we had other challenges here. The age range is 6 to 18 years old, so we have to design and develop to meet everyone’s taste. Our answer was abstract colourful animation and moving graphics to cater for all audiences.

Web Development

We decided to use WordPress for its versatility in being able to fully customise the website and most importantly, the Learning Management System. Ensico has a complex structure of courses that need to follow a certain format for both teachers and students. There are essentially 2 courses.s that needed to be optimized. From here, we reworked the User Interface.

Video Marketing

We will start recording classes when the platform has been running for a full year. The strategy changed at the last minute in this area.