Ekho Wellbeing

Ekho is an online sexual wellbeing platform for women. It’s the first platform that offers expert-led online courses about wellness forms to help women across the world be more confident.

Ekho came to us at the beginning of their journey and initially wanted to build a website to sell a subscription box of bedroom goodies.

After the first few discoveries call about the business model and infrastructure to support sales, we helped them define a new strategy for their company to solve a real and genuine problem.

Ekho Wellbeing
Services Requested:
Website Development, Product Experience & Digital Marketing

Thanks to Musko we’ve been able to re-work our business model and offering. We have a real sense of purpose about our product, a strong value proposition and a scalable platform. Musko took care of everything from branding to website functionality and delivery.

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Product Experience

Product experience is very important for EKHO’s. We had to create a brand and website experience, where people feel comfortable. It’s imperative to remain professional and respectful in language, images and tone. Our brand strategists designed a logo to fit EKHO’s identity and their different pillars (Mind, Body and spirit) with a brand guide for their social media and external communication.

Web Development

From a subscription box model to a Learning Management System (LMS). In a few words, we developed a subscription-based learning platform.

Behind this simple term, there’s a complex system based on access permission per type of user. The possibility for teachers to create their own content.

The design is 100% customized and each page is optimized to help the user achieve their desired en goal.

Digital Marketing

We built trust with Ekho, we are now helping them through the early stages of digital marketing with questionnaires on Facebook, lead magnets, offers and Facebook ad campaigns. We’ve created a social media graphic kit for EKHO to take control of their social activity.

Ekho in images