Web Development 

Need a new website or an overhaul of your current site? Musko is here to help you! We develop institutional sites, e-Commerce sites and web-shops. All our sites are responsive, designed to improve your business objectives and optimised for SEO & Digital Marketing.


Landing page

From € 799

Creating a single page site can be useful for small businesses, traders and craftsmen who want to display and demonstrate their activity quickly and refer their visitors to a contact link or their physical address while having an online presence.

Landing pages can also be conversion machines! Marketing campaigns create an optimised page to convert the most visitors possible.

Average price between € 799 and € 1,500


Institutional Site

From € 2,499

The creation of a business site to showcase and present information on your company, your products or services via multiple pages and functions.

Whether in B2C or B2B, your customers want to know what you’re doing, your news and to contact you. Nowadays a digital presence and a website are mandatory for a brand to exist and continue developing.

Average price between € 2,499 and € 5,000


E-Commerce Site

From € 4,499

E-commerce sites (SaaS or sale of products / services) are increasingly becoming the norm. Online shopping is so easy now. Sell ​​your products, services, subscriptions directly from your website.

We build websites to your company objectives which are optimised to increase conversion. Digital Marketing is always at the centre of every project we work on.

Average price between € 4,499 and € 10,000


Web Development Process

    1. Analysis: Together we create the specifications defining your project. The goal is to understand your expectations, objectives and your business (products, services, competitors). This is done via an online form, a video call and discovery session.
    2. Backend Creation: If you already have hosting we take control of it. If you do not have a website, we buy the domain name and set up a suitable backend platform and system for you. 
    3. Development: We install the chosen CMS, begin development and the layout of the content provided.
    4. Online launch: We plan a launch date and train your team in website management.


We help you choose the most suitable technologies

We develop responsive websites that adapt to different devices

Our web designers ensure your site is beautiful and easy to use (UX & UI)

Our websites are optimised for natural search and best ranking (SEO)

You have complete autonomy (updating, creating pages, products, etc.)

Our sites are delivered with all the tracking and analytics tools you need

Do you need a website?

Stop waiting, contact us! We’ll develop your landing page, business or e-commerce website.




    Once your site is ready to go online, we train you to manage everything independently:

    • Add / modify / manage pages or products (e-commerce)
    • Analysis of statistics and reports
    • Order processing
    • Monitoring of after-sales services and returns
    • Sending newsletters

  • SEO

    From the offset, we build your website around optimisation and natural search referencing, in particular by:

    • Integrating navigation in HTTPs
    • Setting up a robots.txt file
    • Structuring the code for efficient reading by search engines
    • Optimising page load time
    • Respecting Google recommendations (META tags, canonical addresses, robots file, sitemaps)
    • Optimising the processing of images & URLs
    • Incorporating rich snippets


    We’ll deliver your website “tracked” thanks to Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. We’ll optimise your website and improve the customer experience. This advanced tracking is also the way to optimise online advertising campaigns 3 to 5 times faster.

    Beyond knowing how many visitors you attract, we measure behaviour throughout their purchasing cycle: product views, added-to-basket, validation of the various checkout stages, orders, re-orders, etc.


    A multitude of payment methods can be integrated into your e-commerce site, including:

    • VISA, MasterCard, American Express (Stripe)
    • Paypal
    • On invoice (our partnerships with various organisations allow you to receive the money of an order even before it is paid by the customer, without risk to you)
    • Bank transfer

We develop with the following tools