Enhance the power of data in your storytelling using infographics

74% of marketers rely on visuals in their social media messaging (Forbes)

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Why use infographics?

Visually Attractive

The saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is not just a myth. Humans process visual scenes 60,000 times faster and are 40% more responsive to illustrations. Attract your visitors with catchy infographics.

Easy to understand

An infographic can clearly explain a more complex issue. Synthesising an idea graphically can facilitate understanding. For example, infographics are the best way to display an annual report to your stakeholders.

Catch attention

By the nature of its format, computer graphics usually catch the attention of most users. Simply using colors increase the willingness to read by 80%, and usually helps the reader through the first words. Keep the reader interested with infographics.

Improve SEO

Infographics are a trustworthy strategy to increase your number of followers and subscribers. As more people share the content linked to your website, Google's algorithm will place it in a higher position, which will increase the importance that search engines give your page.

Easy to remember

Did you know that 90% of the information we remember is visual? Most people forget a lot of what they read, but remember what they see. Infographics excel not only traditional items but also are very different from each other, so it's even easier to distinguish between them.

Tend to go viral

Thanks to its form, infographics can be shared on multiple platforms, from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, to your own blog and even others. This behaviour allows your content and ultimately your brand, to spread very quickly online.

How much does an infographic cost?

We develop personalised infographics. The price can vary according to the type of project, length and design. An average of 1 minute can cost between 750€ to 999€.

How do we work? Here's our process.


We create a storyboard and wireframe the infographic so you can approve the message and design.

Topic Ideation

We align your infographic topic ideas with your sales and marketing goals.

Research & Writing

For the quality assurance process, we make sure all of the information is reliable, up-to-date, and accurate. Then we start writing. It needs to be quick, informative, and persuasive, all at the same time.

Design & Revisions

The design team moves on to create the infographic. During this process, we prefer to over-communicate with you, so we make sure that all the choices made by our team are aligned with your vision.

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