SEO Audit

We analyse your site and help optimise your SEO to achieve your business objectives. We comb through your entire site during a timely process using our own tools and analytics procedures. We provide you with a detailed report of the pages to optimise and improve your SEO and conversions.


SEO Audit

The best long-term investment to improve your website efficiency!

Our SEO Audit has several components:

  1. Market study: analysis of keywords, your situation in terms of visibility and competition
  2. Technical part: complete analysis of your website in order to find SEO errors
  3. Estimate of your ranking, taking into account your external links, the power of your referring domains.
  4. Action plan & recommendations: on the conversion and implementation of our Analytics Dashboards. We also help you to define an optimal structure in silos; Analysing your content and optimising it: quantity and quality of content, important tags, adequacy between your content and user searches. 


Our Marketing audit has several components:

  1. Study of your company and its market: We take time to fully understand your company, products or services. We compare this with your direct and indirect competitors.
  2. Technical and commercial part: We study the commercial / marketing possibilities and the technical limitations of your company / site / products / services as well as the annual global budget. This is in order to prepare an action plan that isn’t so easily implemented by your teams.
  3. Action plan & recommendations: We prepare a short and long term action plan for your company, which we then present to you. 


Do you want to carry out an SEO Audit?

Don’t wait any longer, contact us! We will help you optimise your SEO and conversions through our detailed audits.


An SEO Audit in figures

How much does it cost?

The cost of an SEO audit depends on the number of pages, the complexity of the business, the time spent analysing the data. Our SEO audits start around  €900. The average price of an SEO audit is €1,500 for an institutional site and €2,000 on average for an e-commerce site.

An SEO audit will theoretically advise you how to quickly improve your visibility and therefore, increase your turnover, your leads and your reputation. On the other hand, you should avoid putting your entire digital budget for the year in an SEO audit, with no budget or time thereafter allowing for recommendations and work further down the line.

If you don’t have time, our SEO consultants can also help you with monthly support.

How long does it take?

An audit is a long job that requires real analysis and expertise. The time spent finalising an SEO audit will depend on the size of the site, its number of pages, but also on the type of site, whether it is an e-commerce site or an institutional site.

A good audit takes 2 to 4 weeks. The client must be involved in the audit in particular so that the expert understands exactly the core business. On average, we involve the client in the project for 2 to 5 days throughout the Audit.